5 Ways to Win Mother’s Day

Mother's Day
Parth Kapadia / May 10, 2017

As a floral designer, when you hear Mother’s Day, it’s likely bitter sweet to your ears. On one hand, you know you’re about to get a flood of business, but on the other, you know it’ll be a non-stop, hair Read More

Flower arranging has come along way since its inception. In Japan, they call the art ‘Ikebana’ which means, “living flowers.” While in China, they call it ‘Kado’ meaning “The Way of Flowers,” which began in their country over 2,300 years ago. Read More

If you’re a florist, you’re busy. The question is, are you busy designing pieces that gain you recognition as a world-class florist or are you stuck trying to keep the lights on? If you’re either, here’s a way to spend Read More

Ah, we meet again for another spectacular wedding season! You’ve surely began feeling the rush of brides-to-be flying through your doors, ready for their consultations. Stay tuned because this wedding season series will focus on what you can do to make Read More

Wedding season is over, but Engagement Season is NOW. Over the next few months, men will be getting down on one knee to propose to the women of their dreams. Then, the brides will be able to start what they’ve been Read More

Maybe you can take your pumpkin and make it a into a vase? How about some red pacquiao peppers mashed into your personal design style?  Whether these designs are for sale in your shop or just using them as decor, Read More

The results are in! We want to thank you for voting. Your participation is what drove these results. 1st Place (with 15% of votes): Kennicott Brothers – “The highest-quality wholesale flowers, plants & supplies to our valued customers” Yelp Review Read More

You’ve heard from us for months now, but do you really know who we are? There’s 3 overriding reasons florists in top markets across the country work with us. It all comes down to our ability to help you stand Read More

Product quality is the most important recipe to being a successful floral designer. Originality speaks for itself, especially when we’re talking wedding design. As wedding seasons slows down, we thought it would be a great time for us to find Read More

We’ve all been there. When you’re in the thick of things, and it seems like nothing is working, it’s hard to step back. Though, that’s essential during busy and slow times to grow as a designer. Let us help – Read More