Wedding season is over, but Engagement Season is NOW. Over the next few months, men will be getting down on one knee to propose to the women of their dreams. Then, the brides will be able to start what they’ve been waiting for their whole lives – the wedding plan. Post engagement is the optimal time get in touch with brides to congratulate them and begin to build a relationship. You know floral decor will be on her to-do-list and by reaching out at the right time, you will be able to get a leg up on your competition, gain more design freedom, and likely have a larger budget. So now you ask, “how do you find these couples at the exact right time?” Here’s how:

Use Twitter & Instagram as your wedding Yellow Pages

I realize that some of you may not be on Twitter and Instagram, yet, so this is the perfect time and reason to start. The fact of the matter is that every bride will tweet and take pictures (shared on Instagram) the day that they get engaged. What’s great about Twitter and Instagram, unlike Facebook, is that most of it is public information. Therefore, you can find the recently engaged couples through their own tweets/Instagram picture descriptions.

To do this, you must make use of a “hashtag,” which is the “#” symbol before a word typed in a message. The purpose of a hashtag is to group messages/photos in similar categories or to categorize them into “trending topics.” Often, a bride will use a hashtag in the tweet/image description on Twitter and Instagram. Luckily it works the same way on each platform and these can be searched. Simply go to the search bar and type #engaged (or some variation of the word) and #chicago (insert your respective city or big city near you).

Twitter hashtag_search bar

Twitter brides

Initiate the relationship with these steps

Once you press enter in the search bar, you’ll get a list of tweets and pictures of all those who have recently talked about getting engaged within a certain city.

  • Write down a list of all the people who have just gotten engaged along with their Twitter/Instagram handles (their usernames that start with an @ symbol)
  • Do this for multiple variations of your search and repeat this daily
  • For Twitter, tweet out a personal tweet to each bride saying something along the lines of, Congrats on the engagement @jessigurl! Do you want exquisite flower decs for the special day? Would love to help 🙂 #florist #chicagoFYI – you only have 180 characters per message, so be concise!
  • For Instagram, post a beautiful professional picture and add this same message as the description. By including their Instagram handle, they’ll be notified when you post it.

By reaching out to brides personally and directly right when they get engaged, you’ll exceed the level of service of every other designer in your area from the start. If you’re with them from day 1, it shows you care and are worth trusting. When trust is built, they’ll give you more design freedom. Also, it’s harder to pull out of a booking because of price after the relationship is established. If the bride prioritizes you early on, you’ll be working with the meat of the budget instead of the scraps.

Get Personal

By this time you’ve probably connected with your bride on Twitter or Instagram. If you initiated a conversation, you should look to take it to the next level to gain your bride’s business.

  • Begin to follow your targeted bride and as you further the conversation. Ask her to follow you back for a DM (direct message). You can only send personal messages on twitter if you’re both following one another.
  • Comment on her engagement pictures on instagram. Your comment can even have a link to some of your best designs to plant an image in her mind.
  • Find the bride on Facebook and add her as a friend. This will surely seal the business deal if she accepts your friend request.


Social media is an extremely powerful tool nowadays, and it can’t be ignored. What’s great is that it can now be used to bring dollars in your pocket. What’s more important is that you can build a relationship with the bride early on, which will give you more design freedom with a larger budget. Try it out – Engagement season is upon us! Don’t miss the window!


If you have any questions about this technique or about social media in general, just comment below and I’ll help you out.