Valentine’s Day is about your flowers being given to a special woman, right? We’d like to flatter ourselves as floral professionals and believe it, but in reality, that’s not the case. You’re not selling FLOWERS on this special day…. You’re selling something more than that, aren’t you? You need to let your potential customers know that. You need to figure out exactly what it is you are selling, and thus should market, by asking yourself these 3 questions:

Who is your customer?

It’s not a secret that your target market on Valentine’s Day is primarily the male demographic. Everyone knows this, but most flower shops don’t speak mens’ language within their Valentine’s Day marketing materials. Learn to speak their language, then dollar signs and happy husbands will follow.

What do MEN want?

What do men really want? I bet you think this is an easy question. He wants to feel appreciated and loved from the woman he’s treating. Most of all, he’s seeking some sort of REWARD (we’ll call it HisReward) from the woman he’s giving flowers to. It could be as simple as a basic “thank you!,” a night without fighting, or something more intimate…

Regardless, you have to do some research to see exactly what HisReward is for the men in your area, because it’s not the flowers. Make a list, then pick the one most of your sample male group agrees with.

What’s the recipe to HisReward?

What they’re looking for may not be the flowers, but your flower creation can definitely be the main ingredient within the recipe to HisReward. When you’re marketing your shop for Valentine’s Day, you tell them that your shop will help him secure his desires through your fantastic product. More specifically, it’s important to emphasize why your shop’s flowers/design will be the sure bet in attaining HisReward versus your competition.


Who is our market?

  • Married man of 1-50 years

What does he want?

  • Thank you
  • No fighting for a week
  • A backrub
  • To feel like James Bond in the eyes of his wife

How are flowers an ingredient in HisReward? My flowers specifically?

  • They are the gift before dinner that warms her heart
  • They are the cherry on top after that perfect romcom movie
  • They set the mood as they’re scattered from the stairs up to the bedroom

My floral designs specifically…

  • I utilize Hearts roses who’s unique shape distinctively demonstrate the love she will feel and give that day/night
  • I make the most stand apart designs that ensure the man’s wife is “that extra loved” woman in the office (as compared to the typical dozen rose bouquet deliveries).

End result (1 simple and fun example):

[YOUR SHOP NAME]’s exclusive Hearts rose bouquet will leave her breathless, treating you like James Bond for nights to come.


Now, go and do 1-2 hours of brainstorming, research your male community, market intelligently, then see the men, appreciation, and dollars pile in!

What are your valentine’s day marketing principles?