Master designers. For our beloved customers who don’t already have this title, they constantly are striving to achieve it. As you know, your vision is born first based on the theme and emotion you wish to evoke. Then, it’s time to start bringing that vision to life. Decide on your key focal points and desired flow of your piece. To do so, our designers rely on GlobalPetals’ exclusive roses to draw attention, direct the eye, captivate the customer, and entice them to buy over and over again.

Just like you are one of a kind, our GP Gold Collection is curated to accentuate this fact. It contains products that have never been seen before in your city and many are completely new to the United States. In fact, many of our customers, like Andrew’s Garden, don’t even quick dip or place the roses in the cooler to make them last. His open vase storage creates eye candy for all visitors in his European-style retail studio.  Not only does GP Gold help you stand out, it also makes your life easier by arriving straight to your door; no more logistics headaches!

If you’re curious what exactly there is to see within the GP Gold Collection, a picture book can be downloaded (no commitment) by contacting me, our rose expert, Michael Lyons. You can contact me at to learn more about all of the GP Rose Collections.

GP Gold Roses In Practice