You’ve heard from us for months now, but do you really know who we are? There’s 3 overriding reasons florists in top markets across the country work with us. It all comes down to our ability to help you stand out from your local competition and build a personal brand known for product originality and design expertise. They could go on and on about what GlobalPetals means to their successful floral businesses. Here are the 3 ways our customers say we’re different:

1. Personal Product Sourcing

Michael travels down to Ecuador every single year to personally source product for YOU. He understands that you’re looking for varieties that are especially unique, so that you’re able to provide something no one else can. He uses a completely original strategy that targets the newest varieties that can’t be found at your local wholesale or even on Google. By working with GlobalPetals, you have a dedicated product source expert working as if he were your own employee.

Yellow Cosima, GlobalPetals

2. Business and Design Expertise

We’ve let our customer’s designs using our roses speak for themselves. Our customers include AIFD Master Florist, Celebrity Wedding Designers, and Emerging Florist. These highly skilled individuals rely on our ability to accurately communicate your design needs with those who genetically design, breed, and grow the products; Our ability to do it in Spanish and English helps as well. We’ve met hundreds of designers that have told us exactly which types of product to source, from where, and for what cost to help make them profitable. We know that you’re a designer first and a business person second, so let us deal with the logistics to let you continue to do what you’re good at: Design.

I always like to share the story of one of our closest friends and top designers, Andrew Parravano. When we met, he had just taken his business from his house to a downtown studio flower shop. “I’m open to seeing what every supplier has to offer” he said when I walked into his shop on a cool fall day. Countless design awards later, his business has grown tremendously. Furthermore, whenever we mention Andrew’s Garden, everyone says, “his roses are AMAZING!” We’re proud to enable that reputation. Not to say only because of GlobalPetals roses, but because of his design and business expertise.

Auckland & Yellow Cosima

3. Industry Insider Hacks, Tricks, and Tips

Our weekly blogs have increased our sales by 300% this wedding season. We can only imagine how much our customers’ sales have increased.

And many many more

We want to contribute to this beautiful floral industry in anyway we can. There is more to it for us, than just providing our customers with high-end roses.


With the end of wedding season nearing, we encourage you to take a leap of faith and reach out to us if you haven’t already. If you have, we’d love to hear from you. See for yourself why so many people have chosen to take a more unique approach to product sourcing by contacting us HERE. Until then, we hope we can continue to bring you new and exciting content that you can share with fellow designers!


What types of roses would you like to incorporate into your designs?