Over the last several months, we held a GlobalPetals Top Local Designers Competition, #toplocaldsgnrz, among the best local floral designers in the US. We were overwhelmed with the participation we had from all kinds of unique florist! We discovered new and unique design styles that we are thankful to share with the rest of designers here on LinkedIn.  We wanted to thank everyone for their participation, but of course, there could only be 3 winners. The winners received GP medals that they can show off to their local competitors, post on their websites, and display in their design spaces. These designers are more than florists, they’re artist. Without further a due let’s introduce our winners:

In Third Place with the GPBronze Medal:

Srini Perera

Kreative Hands

Woodland Hills, CA GPBronze Top Designer

“I am a home studio designer and always stumbled, not been able to work with unique flowers at an affordable price. I am a native of the beautiful island Sri Lanka, however lived here in LA for many years! Kreativehands specializes in customized gifts, floral designs and events. With our Artisan and Rustic Approach, we are able to creatively reinvent using existing resources. For example, some of our best work has come from using unconventional household items such as vases, using not just blooms but unexpected ascents such as dried leaves or fresh produce to a bouquet.”

See Srini’s Interview Here: http://bit.ly/GPgYouTube2

In Second Place with the GPSilver Medal:

Peter Kingston

Tulipia Floral Design

River Forest, IL  GPSilver Top Designer “Our design style and philosophy at Tulipia Floral Design is a very contemporary, modern styled arrangement using only the freshest and finest blooms available to us.  We do not settle for anything but the best in our work.  We love doing a pave’ style arrangement in a monochromatic colors, although we can provide our clients with a traditional arrangement if that is their preference.  The majority or our arrangements are in clear glass vases with a leaf wrap inside of the vase, low compact and lush is the look we strive for.  All one variety of flowers in an arrangement is not uncommon for us.  If a stem of flowers does not look good to us it does not go into any of our arrangements, if it’s not good enough for us it’s not good enough to send out.”

See Peter’s Interview Here: http://bit.ly/GPgYouTube1

In First Place with the GPGold Medal:

Terry Verdoscia

Independent Designer

US, Austria, Japan, France GPGold Top Designer  “My design style can be simply described as sculptural. I am trained in fine art, and have been a commissioned artist for many years. It was when I moved to Japan did I discover the art of floral design through the philosophy of the Sogetsu Ikebana. In this minimalistic style of design, importance is placed on both the negative and positive space, with a balance that needs to be struck between the two. From this design style I began to incorporate unconventional materials into my style. For example, I was commissioned to design and create floral designs for a new jazz club VIP room where lighting was incorporated into the design. This element added an extra glow to the already darken room, thus adding to the vibe of the club. In short, I would call myself a floral architect more than a florist.”

See our interview with Terry here: http://bit.ly/GPgYouTube


Be sure to tune in next year for our 2nd annual GP Top Local Designers Competition to showcase some of the best floral artistry in the world! Search #toplocaldsgnrz to see the competition trending on Twitter!

Do you want to be in our next design competition? Let us know why!