Ah, we meet again for another spectacular wedding season! You’ve surely began feeling the rush of brides-to-be flying through your doors, ready for their consultations. Stay tuned because this wedding season series will focus on what you can do to make your business stand out from the other floral designers in your area. GP will be outlining specific tactics on how to connect with your brides, understand who they are, merge your artistic visions with industry trends, and become an irreplaceable piece within their wedding experience. And of course, making a profit doing what you love.


Wedding Season 2015

Romantik Antik

Simplicity will be the ultimate sophistication this season. Larger sized lavish varieties are in along with organics, twigs, and trendy #hipster design is prevalent. Let’s take a deeper dive:

1. DIY Style

No, I’m not talking about brides designing their own arrangements, that’d be absurd. But I am talking about the scrappy garage built, rustic presentation that all modern brides are into these days. Ask your teens what hipsters are and you’ll soon catch on. Designs can consist of retro, eclectic containers found in thrift shops with single stemmed focal points, or a central high-end rose combined with contrasting natural greens. Depending on the container, cascading the greens over the edge and even over the table ledge can bring the whimsical look this new  hipster generation appreciates.  I would personally suggest have something ready on display to show your bride in order to combat the Pinterest pictures she’ll inevitably bring in (often impossible to recreate within her budget). This way, your bride can go for her modern hipster look, and you can cash in on an original arrangement.

2. Flower Crowns

Wearables still go along with the theme of 2015 – ultra modern and sophisticated. If you don’t believe me, just walk into your local Forever 21 store – silk wearables are showcased in their checkout line. Large, lush floral crowns of the past two years are now evolving into subtle garlands turned into headpieces, shoulder garlands, or shawls. Flower crowns and wearables were used early within ancient Greek mythology and worn to honor gods and goddesses. Use that empowering theme within your designs and show how empowering your brides will look wearing flower crowns. You can use flexible gypsophila, greens, and roses. Delicacy will most likely take the theme of your consultation so combine all of these personality traits into a sellable package.


3. Bold Colors and Pastels

Pastel colors tend to synchronize well with warmer weather hence #ws2015. Soft and creamy color palettes will stay with us throughout the season. These soft colors can be bolstered with strong and large hand-opened blooms with quintessential country garden like roses, like the ones from GP Gold. Ice cream shades like peach, lemon and pink will be in demand from dominant personality type brides seeking a little punch. Keep in mind that deep rich palettes will probably never go out of style. Haven’t you seen since all of the blush bouquets dominating AIFD conferences for years? This is because this is a space that will always stay in high demand. It has been communicated from florist, to wholesaler, to farm, to breeder, and everyone else within our supply chain.

4. Hanging Blooms

Table arrangements and bouquets are often the flower focal points in a room. This season, brides will be taking their wedding decor to a new level – literally. To add some edge and convey their rebellious and risk taking personality, hanging blooms are all the rage. Hanging or suspended blooms will compliment lovely grounds and can be constructed to be in coordination with back drops and settings. These designs are not easy and are risky, so be careful. Don’t get me wrong, table arrangements will still exist forever, but this season, there will be a growing emphasis on static and dynamic bloom construction. If you’re a sub-contractor of your decorator, take a jab and present the idea to them if they haven’t mentioned it. Get back to that working relationship with your teammates as it may open more doors to work all season long…Do you have any positive or disaster stories of hanging arrangements? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!


5. Macramé

Macramé is a form of textile-making using knotting rather than weaving or knitting. Its primary knots are the square knot and forms of hitching: full hitch and double half hitches. You should get to know some of these new techniques to make your floral arranging extra unique! Consider utilizing macramé for the floral wearables mentioned above or in the hanging arrangements.




  1. Simplicity will be the ultimate sophistication this season.
  2. The key is merging their preferences with your own original style.
  3. The rustic, retro hipster is in style – flowers included.
  4. Large, lush floral crowns of the past two years are now evolving into subtle garland crowns and shawls.
  5. Ice cream shades like peach, lemon and pink will be in demand from dominant personality type brides seeking a little punch.
  6. Hanging blooms are all the rage.
  7. Macramé knot tying with floral arrangements is super cool.


This is the part where I hook you in. But in reality, this is about you. Your goals and what you will do to be successful this wedding season. Your work ethic and creative spirit. Remember to stay level headed with not only your occupation, but with your family and friends. Your overall attitude is everything and will make or break you this wedding season. The time is now – make the choice to win! You have GlobalPetals on your side!


What new and original plans do you have for this wedding season?