Flower arranging has come along way since its inception. In Japan, they call the art ‘Ikebana’ which means, “living flowers.” While in China, they call it ‘Kado’ meaning “The Way of Flowers,” which began in their country over 2,300 years ago. It has become a way of meditation for many Chinese and Japanese. According to the historical information shared by Shambhala, it teaches one to see the wisdom in nature, in others, and within themselves. Technology enables the spread of these floral design joys. However, the introduction of technology in the 90’s and early 2,000’s was not necessarily on the side of florists, giving rise to wire services and the like. Thankfully now, the power is shifting back in the favor of talented designers, so you can succeed like never before.

The Intersection of Technology and Flowers Today

Education Accessibility

Technology has revolutionized the art and made it more accessible to learn flower arrangements. Nowadays, the internet provides people with an endless amount of information on how to pick the right flowers, how to arrange them, and how to maintain the floral arrangements.


Similarly, the industry has influenced technology on many levels. There are games that are now inspired by flowers, capturing the attention of floral-lovers in the digital world. One such game is ‘Flowers’ that features an array of wonderful creation in its gameplay while players win prizes. Leading gaming portals such as Pocketfruity feature games from a whole host of different niches, and they have seen the allure of beatific games such as the aforementioned ‘Flowers’ and use it to bring in flower lovers the world over.


Who could forget the recent popular virtual flower crown that people applied to their Snapchat videos and photos? Other social media platforms have also shown their interest in decorative flora, such as the flower design Facebook applied on its Messenger Feature during Mother’s Day.

Snapchat Flower Crown

Here are a few ways you can leverage technology to help be a better florist and business person.

Online Classes

Although one can easily watch a video on YouTube and learn the basics of arranging flowers, this isn’t enough if they plan to transition such a passion into a viable business or if they want to deepen their understanding on the area. There are plenty of online courses; from the most basic to the advanced learning. Some even offer certification afterwards that helps in building one’s reputation as a professional florist. Check the most reputable ones based on reviews from other clients, and previous florist who’ve taken the courses in the past. Here’s a few quick resources that could help right away (ordered from beginner to advanced):

Order and Delivery

Flowers have a knack of making people happy whatever the situation, so many are now turning to these services online or via apps to send their loved ones a beautifully-arranged bouquet of flowers on their special day. Previously, people had to visit a nearby flower shop and pick up their flowers. However, nowadays the established shops tend to offer mobile apps that have the same services of their eCommerce websites to provide a more convenient way for customers to order flowers and pay for them online or through the app. Here are a few services you can use to better compete:

  • Get a quick and sleek online store front with BloomNation
  • Outsource your deliveries with Postmates.

Showcasing Talent and Creativity

Technology has also provided florists with a convenient way to showcase their talent, passion, and artwork to the world. In fact, many platforms have featured different artists and their work online, such as this  start-up featured by Time. The company that was only launched in 2012 invited local florists to post photos of their artwork and prices of their floral arrangements. One of the CEOs said, “[It is] like Etsy for flowers.” Today, they have over 3,000 florists on board, regularly posting work on the platform.


What are the different ways you’ve used technology to improve your floral business? 


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