3 Easy Steps to Saying Goodbye to Simple Vase Arrangements and Hello to Creativity

Instead of throwing your traditional roses into a vase, wouldn’t you rather be able to show your customers your signature design style? Your answer is probably yes, or that’s been my experience with designers who like getting in touch with their artist-side. Here are 3 ways to show your customers it’s worth trusting your artistic vision rather than taking the traditional route.

Sample Arrangements

You probably think a Mercedes is the nicest car you’ve been in your entire life if you’ve never been in a Ferrari. Obviously, discounting car and design preferences, you’ll get my point: People think they know what they like, until they see something better. The same concept can be used in floral design. Most people think roses look best arranged in a simple vase because they haven’t seen anything different. Arrange something that looks uncommon to showcase what you can do and put it in your cooler. Then, when they ask for the old and boring vase arrangement, you can point to that and make them drool.


You might be saying, I can’t afford to make an arrangement that I don’t know will be bought. I get it – flowers are perishable and money doesn’t grow on trees. Fortunately, if budget or foot traffic doesn’t permit, you can showcase your work for a much cheaper and longer lasting result. When you make an original arrangement that you’d like to make more of, be sure to take plenty of pictures of it. Take your favorite picture and get it blown up big, frame it, and put it on your shop wall, so it’s displayed for what it is: artwork. When your customers come into your shop, they’ll either see the piece or you can point to it as a pretty alternative to what they thought they came in wanting. This can be done for under $30 and earn you much more. You can also post it on your Facebook to share it with your followers.

Be Specific & Relevant

Whether you choose live arrangements or pictures, be sure to keep your displays relevant. If someone is coming into your shop in the spring time, make sure your spring arrangement picture is prominently showcased. Yes, you can have many different types of arrangements, designs and colors displayed in your shop, but think about the majority and cater to them. You want to catch their attention. If they like that springtime picture, then they’ll look at your other smaller sized pictures around it, and conclude you’re just the designer they want!


These are just some approaches I’ve picked up from some of the nation’s top designers that have enlightened me on their success promoting unique design. If you’re interested in arranging something uncommon, you might find some inspiration here.

What are some more technique’s you have used to change your customer’s mind?