I recently had the honor to interview one of the industry’s most well known floral e-publishers, J Schwanke of uBloom.com. What he tells me could very well be the insights that make or break florists this fall wedding season and into the near future. He covers:

  1. 3 influential floral designers you should know.
  2. How to seize the day and stand apart this fall wedding season as different from other years.
  3. The MUST DOs & DON’Ts if you want to be successful in this new age of floral design business.

Watch the short video below to see the full exclusive details from an incredible industry expert!

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It’s important to learn and follow others within our incredible industry not because we want to copy them, but so we can constantly push ourselves to the limits and develop our own design signature. Every designer can stand out and be successful. There’s TONs of resources in-person and on the web to help you get there.


Where else do you learn? What else or who else would you like to see GlobalPetals feature for you to learn from?