The floral business is a seasonal one. Some in the industry are lucky enough to be busy all year round, but sadly, that’s not the case for most. After getting to know hundreds of designers, we’ve gathered a few different Read More

From celebrity floral designers to successful home-town shop owners, the road map to successful floristry is constantly changing.  This Floral-Infographic depicts the steps for all designers to become master designers, both in the shop and at home.  Before we get started Read More

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Why Nobody Stops Into Your Flower Shop

Parth Kapadia / August 11, 2014

Increase your foot traffic today. You’re not working in a flower shop are you? How about a floral design space or a floral design studio?  It might work, it might not – just be open to trying new things. There are Read More

Reinventing Retail Floral Design

AIFD, Design
Michael Lyons / August 6, 2014

We’re trying something new that we thought you’d like. A video series featuring some top designers you’ve mentioned. We’re still testing this technology, so please leave a comment and tell us what you think and which other top designers you’d like to Read More

No time to waste, maximize your profits, enhance your designs and brides will make sales for you. As a florist, you know what a well-designed wedding can do for the overall mood of the event. When you put your skills and vision to work, Read More

Guest article by Bruce Wright, Editor of Flowers& Magazine: If you are a high-end floral designer, and especially if you are a wedding and event specialist, it’s a given that you are selling, not just a beautiful product, but also impeccable Read More

If someone told you that you could be Pablo Picasso or Donatello’s apprentice, would you take them up on it?  You’ve probably heard from every successful person you’ve ever met, “find a mentor.” Now you can by surrounding yourself with Read More

Have you ever wondered why another shop may see more return customers or are somehow able to charge two to three times as much for similar event work? Last summer alone, I walked into over 100 florists and have seen Read More