Maybe you can take your pumpkin and make it a into a vase? How about some red pacquiao peppers mashed into your personal design style?  Whether these designs are for sale in your shop or just using them as decor, Halloween designs can be a great Floral Extracurriculars that you can make money from if you take advantage of this seasonal industry we’re in. Here are a few recipes for devilishly creative floral arrangements:


Pumpkin Planters


Eyeball Centered Roses


Skull Planter


Fall Center Piece



Hydrangea Ghost

Hydrangea ghost


Harry Potter themed…anything

HarryPotter Wedding

Gothic Garden Roses


Spidey White Roses


Mummified Vase


Pumpkin Orange Gardens




Halloween is a particularly fun season for floral. You have the flexibility of being spooky, cute, or all out outrageous. Take advantage of your design freedom this week and shock people into entering your shop, outside your studio, or even for all trick-or-treaters to see in the neighborhood. Remember, all those people will eventually have a homecoming, prom, wedding, and other needs for flowers. Make an impression on them now, and you’ll stay in their memories into the future.


What are your plans for your Halloween designs?