Hey there floral lovers! Once again, the wedding season is upon us and trends are coming full bloom. As you know, your design should be driven by expertise and your own inspiration mixed with that of your bride. By incorporating the trends listed below, you’re sure to win the hearts and events of your brides.

Color: Tickle Me PINK!

This season, soft natural colors are back! More specifically, blush pinks, nudes, creams, peaches, ivories and oatmeal will be popular. Whether you’re a Pinterest fan or not, it dominantly shows these preferences this season and Tara Guérard of Soirée in Charleston, NY agrees.

Feel: Days Gone By

Who said the young generation has lost its’ class? Elegance is back, or at least the appearance of it. Brides are favoring class and elegance, including white-gloved waiters, crystal candlesticks, and hints of gold within cutlery, plates, glasses, flowers, and other design elements. This is partially influenced by The Great Gatsby movie craze sparked last year.

Design Elements:

Chevron was last year, and Trellis-patterns are in this year. A modern and simplistic design will be key to appeal to the time’s trend. People love bi-leveled clear Plexiglas, which brings the feeling of elegance for table arrangements.


Ariella Chezar of New York whose designs have been featured in the White House says the flower of the year is the many-petaled tree peony. Additionally, garden roses are increasingly popular as elegance becomes the name of the game this season.

Trending Additions: Garlands & Hair Pieces

Citrus and fern garlands are a natural replacement for the typical cloth drapery and table liners. Additionally, female floral hairpieces are increasingly popular, adding youthful hints of natural class. Some of the hairpieces and other trends can be found on this Pinterest board


The showing of a true designer isn’t copying whichever trends you find in magazines or on Pinterest, but leveraging trends to create beautiful artwork of your own. When you’re able to integrate your vision with that of your bride’s, magic happens and dollars roll in the door.

What are some trends you’ve been seeing this wedding season?