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About Us

Global Petals provides high-end flowers to specialized shops, home designers, and event organizers.

The Problem

High-end floral designers are different from the rest. They need something that stands out, is unique, and is head and shoulders above the average flower. Though, the lack of transparency and needless intermediaries in this archaic system drives prices up and unique products never see the inside of local wholesale coolers.

Our Solution

We have built personal relationships with top farms who serve the world's most glamorous Russian and European flower markets, and introduce their one-of-a-kind product into the USA. By sourcing direct from the farm to your doorstep, we can keep prices manageable and expectations high.

GP Rose Collections

Global Petals is unique in that we offer multiple product levels with attributes to fit your every need.

Request Samples Head Size Uniqueness Gardens Available Price

GP Platinum

Platinum represents our highest level of quality. Exceptional head size makes this a cut above the rest.

8-13cm 9

GP Gold

A wide range of one-of-a-kind varieties never seen before with various shapes, sizes, colors, and features.

6-11cm 10

GP Silver

Great value product with excellent variety selection - never need to get the same thing twice!

6-9cm 8

GP Bronze

This standard selection compliments the other collections well with great head size for the price.

5-8cm 4

Typical Wholesaler

Average product for standard prices.

4-7cm 3

Here's something new: service, quality, and people who care...it's back!Marisa Scavo, All Flowers by Marisa, Wheaton IL

Global Petals Varieties

Customer service is what sets Global Petals apart. Seeing their passion to deliver drives mine for designKinnari Shah, Floral Attitude, Aurora IL

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